Our Company
Wyse Solutions was formed in 2002 by Dwight and Derek Wyse. Previously, Dwight and Derek served as the owners of Computer Management and Development Services (CMDS) until it was sold in July 2000. CMDS, a Harrisonburg, Virginia based corporation, had over 160 employees and provided software and services to nearly 300 customers in 45 states.
With over twenty years of experience developing software and operating a business devoted to the information technology field, Dwight and his staff have a wealth of technical and practical experience from which your organization can benefit.
Our Vision
We will provide software-based management systems that allow our customers to more efficiently and effectively manage their business, and in turn, provide outstanding service to their customers. And we guarantee our customers' complete satisfaction.
Our Guarantees
  • To provide customers an innovative product that improves the efficiency of their business.
  • To serve our customers with an attitude of caring and listening.
  • To respond to requests for information within one business day.
  • To operate our business with honesty and integrity. We will treat our customers, vendors and associates with respect. We will stamp our work with excellence and quality. And we will operate a profitable business but never in a way that will compromise our integrity, our respect for people, or the quality of our products.

Our Corporate Values Statement
Our beliefs and values must be an integral part of all we do. These cover four basic tenets:
To honor God
We intend to operate RecSoft in a way that honors the God we serve. We operate with honesty, ethical behavior, and trust in our associates, our customers, and our vendors.
To respect people
People include associates, customers, vendors and anyone else we encounter as we do business. It is our responsibility to recruit and train associates who can demonstrate and live the commitment we have to our customers. We believe the training and support of our customers is important and we will provide customers with the tools they need to serve their customers.

To offer quality and excellence in all we do
Our associates and customers deserve the best we can provide. Therefore, we will do our best to provide the highest level of quality and excellence possible, always keeping in mind that those we serve, deserve the best.

To make a profit
Running a successful business requires a profit to provide for on-going investment in product, human resources and capital expenditures. We will run the business with a commitment to making a profit but will forego a larger profit when needed in order to meet our other values.