Wyse Communicator is a content management tool that allows an administrative user to enter the Web site to access and retrieve the content they need, when they need it. Web content, like a puzzle, is composed of many intricately linked pieces. Since not everyone has access to the same information, different individuals have different pieces to the puzzle. Yet for information to be usable it needs to be up to date. And having up-to-date pieces of the puzzle being shared by those who need it when they need it means having the ability for each person taking their piece of the puzzle and putting it in its appropriate place for all to see and share. Doing this efficiently and effectively means each person having the appropriate level of control to content management. This control, in the form of controlled access, is the heart of the system and is what separates the Wyse Communicator product from content management systems that you see implemented before. You’re in control.

Wyse Communicator makes your Web site more robust. Wyse Communicator is the software product that allows you to manage and update web content quickly and easily. Yet Wyse Communicator is different from traditional Web site tools. You can create a new page or update a page with Wyse Communicator and you do not have to know any programming languages. A new page can be created in a few seconds, and you can then decide to add it to the menu bar or add it as a drop down from an already existing menu item. Wyse Communicator is composed of modules covering a range of functions. You decide which modules you want to use on your Web site; who within your organization will have administrative control over the content, and who will take control of the security of the site (view list of modules here). Use these modules in any combination to build new content for your web pages to be viewed by both external and internal users. New pages can be built quickly and with ease using Wyse Communicator.


Using the Wyse Communicator could not be easier. Changes can be made quickly from any location, as long as you have access to the internet. Information about events can be added even ahead of the date you want it to appear on the page. Specify how many days before the event date you wish for it to display. Then, once an event takes place, it can disappear from the site when the ending date has passed. Pictures, graphics, text, and even links can be changed quickly and frequently.

If you need to have a document, spreadsheet, PDF or another file accessible to persons accessing your site, simply upload the document to Wyse Communicator. Then indicate who has access and it will be available immediately on the site. Files can be uploaded as frequently as needed so that information on your site is always up-to-date. This ability to quickly and easily change and add information separates Wyse Communicator from other Web site tools.


Having a way to secure data, then controlling who has access to that data and who can change the data is important to most organizations. With the ability to secure a page, part of a page, or files so that only the users with the proper access can see the page, modules on the page, or files that you have made available on Wyse Communicator, is truly unique. When a user logs in to the site, they immediately are shown only those pages available to them based on the permissions that you have assigned to them. Hence their puzzle is complete. In the same way that you can control who sees the information, you can also provide persons within your organization the ability to maintain some of the information on your site. For example someone in sales could maintain information related to sales, someone in Human Resources could maintain job openings, etc. Allowing multiple people to maintain the content but not alter the look and feel of the site helps to keep your information fresh and up-to-date. Wyse Communicator provides you with the ability to use your site for internal purposes as well. Because of Wyse Communicator security features, staff could have their own pages so that company policies, forms, and internal documents are not all available to guests who visit your Web site. Sales staff could have pages that are not available to other staffers. The possibilities are endless. Security is important. Protect your information while at the same time providing the ability to provide and manage content as never before.

Wyse Communicator, the missing piece of your puzzle. A simple way to share information.