Content Slider

This module allows you to quickly and easily add the popular "content slider" functionality to your web site. This feature enables the ability to have banner and content dynamically cycle on your web pages. This is completely a client-side solution using jQuery, not Flash or Silverlight.

Content sliders allow you to have an interactive and fun way to display information to your visitors in a visually appealing way. These are especially popular on web site homepages, and with marketing-centric folks. This module allows you to have that functionality and interaction with your web site visitors, all the while maintaining a very strong focus on usability, and not requiring web browser plugins. Instead, this module makes use of the cycle jQuery plugin. This means that your content in the slider will be indexed by search engines and does not require your visitors to have Flash or Silverlight installed.

NOTE: please use the Responsive Content Slider module if you are targeting a mobile audience with responsive web design.


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