Overview of the News Feeds (RSS) Module

The News Feeds (RSS) module displays a summary list of news feeds from one or more sources. A news feed is a dynamically generated list of news items. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. You can get free news feeds or paid subscription feeds or add feeds from any syndicated modules on your Web site.

Each news item includes a linked title to read the news item in full. News items can be displayed in a static list, as a single scrolling 'ticker' list, as a vertical scrolling list, or in a custom format.

Module Feed (scrolling example using a syndicated Announcements module)

Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement does not have a link to a file or any URL
Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement uses an image, has formatted text , and links to an internal page
Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement links to Google
Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement links to an uploaded file
Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement links to an internal page (home page)
Thu, 07 Mar 2013
This announcement has a table with an embedded video and audio clip, with no link. Height and Width...

World News Feed (static list example)

Cooking Feed (scrolling example)

Tue, 9 Oct 2007
A French philosopher once said that eating alone was sadder than destitution. Certainly, no one likes to eat alone. Now that you have perfected that filet mignon, or vichyssoise soup, (or whatever your signature dish is), you will want to show off to your friends! But hosting a gourmet dinner is much more than good food. In order to truly impress your friends and acquaintances you must use as much skill and attention to details in entertaining as in the preparation of the food. Do not shy away from hosting if you are not by nature the next Martha Stewart. This article contains tips to turn your meal into a real event.

How to Host a Gourmet Dinner
Tue, 31 Jul 2007
Planning a campout? Here are some really terrific Camp Fire recipes . Great ideas for open fire cooking!

Backpacker Bars
Backwoods Chili Rice Skillet
Boy Scout Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
Camp Fish
Camp Hash
Camp Taters
Camp Trail Corn Bread
Camp-o-ree Cornbread
Campfire Apples
Campfire Clam Chowder
Campfire Comfort Wings
Campfire Goulash

And much more Camp Fire Cookout Recipes!
Tue, 12 Jun 2007
Does the idea that good food has to take a long time to make keep you from spending time cooking? There are many ways to help speed and efficiency in the kitchen. The arrangement of your kitchen, as well as the tools you use, make all the difference. Don't give up on trying to expand your skills and abilities. Try these suggestions to make gourmet cooking well within your time constraints.

Save Time Cooking
Tue, 3 Apr 2007
Beans will be filling, satisfying and incorporate many necessary nutrients into the diet. Combined with rice they are a complete protein and provide all the 8 amino acids for the body. They are inexpensive and packed full of flavor. It doesn't get much better than beans.

Beans, Beans and More Beans
Tue, 27 Mar 2007
A trip down the baking aisle in a grocery store presents the pastry chef with more options for chocolate than the candy counter. But if you’re stuck in a pinch, is it okay to substitute semi-sweet chips with a bittersweet bar? What can a glimpse at the list of ingredients tell you about a chocolate bar? Besides color, is there any real difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate? And why does European chocolate feel different in your mouth than American? After reading this article you will be able to answer these questions. However, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make a better chocolate mousse!

A Chocolate Primer

Event Tickets Feed (ticker example)

RSS and News Feed Articles (Twitter example)

If you are struggling with the decision of whether to implement RSS feeds or not, consider the following pros and cons for webmasters who use RSS feeds as part of their content and communication plan...

Benefits (Pros Of Using RSS)
The benefits for a webmaster who opts to implement RSS feeds on their website are numerous:

1. Saves Time
RSS feeds save time. RSS subscribers can quickly scan RSS feeds, without having to visit each and every website. Subscribers can then click on any items they are interested in, to get additional information.

Pros and Cons of RSS Feeds

It does not matter what you call them: vodcasts, vidcasts, videocasting, or video podcasting... there are a few behind-the-scenes actions you can take to help attract more attention to your video productions. Just like websites, it does not matter how amazing the content is if interested people are unable to find it.

Use the following suggestions to help increase the exposure your videos receive... Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts.

Sound effects are often used to compliment and enhance artistic presentations, whether they be podcasts, videos, or other audio/visual productions. Royalty-free sound effects are typically non-exclusive and can be used by anyone who purchases them. Professional sound effects can give a podcast or production a more professional sound. However, many new producers may not realize that sound effects have copyrights, and in many cases it is illegal to use a sound effect that you happen to find on the web without properly licensing it.

Most podcasters and producers do not have the time or equipment to go out and record all the sound effects they may want to incorporate into their production. Podcasters are better off using royalty-free sound effects. Royalty-free sound effects are purchased, and there is no recurring fee for the use of the effect. The purchaser may use the sound effect(s) as often as required within the license terms and conditions, without paying for the use of the sound effect each time the effect is used.

Sound Effects: The Power of Audio

Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed, so you can increase adoption and spread the message contained in the RSS feed.

Increase RSS Subscribers

Learn the ins and outs of using a sound effect to polish your presentation or podcast.

What Is A Sound Effect?

A sound effect is a ready-made sound for podcasters or producers. Typically, podcasters need to only incorporate the sound into their production for instant success. This can be done with various editors running in a very short amount of time. Sound Effects make the creation of a podcast easier and professional. Sound effects are usually easy to edit and customize using any sound editor, occasionally more sophisticated sound require precise tuning.

What Are Sound Effects?

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