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My First Set of Clubs!
As I mentioned last month I have taken up golf so I invested in my first set of clubs. I opted for a set that wasn’t too pricey. Once my game improves I will purchase a better set.

I found them online on the Sears site. The set includes:

#1, 3 woods and #3, 5, 7, 9 irons with oversized, titanium matrix heads for greater distance and accuracy, plus a cavity-back putter. All-weather tour-style grip. Lightweight steel shafts on all clubs. Made in Canada.

Watch out Tiger!

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Preparing to fly...
Everyone who knows me knows that I have the travel bug, bad. This blog will be a chronicle of my latest excursion, a planned 4-month odyssey through Australia and New Zealand with little more than a sturdy pair of boots and my trusty laptop and digital camera. You can follow the ups and downs of my trip here, and I promise to share as much of the adventure and the scenic goodness as I can manage!

After months of planning and saving I'm leaving the weekend after Easter: booked on Qantas Airways flight 3246 from Toronto to Los Angeles, departing 6:55pm on Friday 16 April; then I catch Qantas flight 108 across the Pacific from L.A. to Sydney, no stopovers, arriving on Sunday 18 April at 7:20am local time. I'll be spending over 22 hours in the air (yes Mom, I promise to get up and stretch my legs so I don't get bloodclots!)
I'll make my next entry once I've settled in Sydney.

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Why, you ask... ?
So I tried explaining this whole blog thing to my friends. Some get it and some just don't. So I am composing my list of why I am blogging. Or why someone should blog.
  1. My own special forum to vent.
  2. Somewhere to share my love for stuff and people.
  3. For my family and friends.
  4. A place to practice my writing.
  5. Somewhere to post all those little ideas I have that normally get forgotten or lost or scribbled on some anonymous paper... and then lost.
  6. Of course somewhere to post my photos.
  7. To keep in touch with my friends. But that matches point #3 doesn't it?
  8. My big online scrapbook/journal/photo album/space.
  9. My piece of the internet world!
I think I'm starting to repeat myself...

Posted @ 5/10/2011 1:24:37 PM by JohnDoe@Qmail.com | COMMENTS (2)

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